Revolutionary skincare technology

Enhanced active ingredients and your skin barrier



Enhanced active ingredients and your skin barrier



Protection that goes further

EVY revolutionises your skincare routine. It forms a long-lasting membrane that strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and protects the active ingredients so you can get the maximum effect of the product. EVY is specially made for sensitive skin but suitable for everyone, from babies to professional athletes. Always allergy-tested and free from perfumes. Recommended by dermatologists.


Innovative Swedish skincare

During any season, your skin is exposed to a great deal of stress, from the sun, wind and quick temperature changes. Sweden’s weather can reach extremes, and EVY technology, can withstand the toughest challenges, all year round. EVY is built on the high Swedish standards of quality, safety and sustainability. The unique formula penetrates into the top layer of the skin rather than staying on the surface, which gives it great potential for our innovative range. It’s still revolutionary, 20 years after its invention.

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